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Tequila & Text

A couple years ago, I won a small trivia game and the prize was this book:

Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails With a Literary Twist

I haven't tried any of Federle's recipes yet, but one day I will. I don't drink often, but I do drink—and when I do, I want to feel it. I've also had my bartending license for several years (mixology is one of many classes I've taken for fun and I thought I might as well take the optional server exam along with it) but I've never tended bar. I think this book was a cool idea, and why would I not seize an opportunity to nerd out by way of inebriation?

As an aside, when I saw this book, it reminded me of a project that a Seattle-based writer named Kelsye Nelson was working on called Book Lush. Nelson had a slightly different goal with her book than Federle, but the impulse to combine literature and libation is shared between the two. I thought the idea was brilliant and something I would never have thought of: thinking of which drink to pair with which book. I had the pleasure of attending a small Book Lush event in 2015 and, while I didn't drink that night (I have to be in the mood to drink, and rarely does that mood strike) I had a great time being around other book lovers. Not just any book lovers though; ones who came to drink a fucking apéritif inspired by Jane Eyre. You are my people, I thought to myself in the intimate group setting. I didn't say this aloud but I think I did voice a similar remark.

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