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Did you know...?

Yesterday was World Book Day! I was unaware. I did know it was Shakespeare Day though; he was born April 23rd. He also died on April 23rd, which I’ve always thought was very cool. Not the dying part, of course, but the symmetry in birth and death that occurred, like truly full circle.

If I were able to somehow choose which day to go, I would definitely pick my birthday (which, coincidentally, is also April 23rd). I’d prefer it to be far in the future of course, like when I’m 111 years old or something, but I’d pick that date. My reasoning: for those left behind who might miss or mourn me, they can reserve their heavier-than-usual sadness for the same day instead of being despondent on my birthday because it reminds them of me, and then sorrowful again on a different date because I died on that day.

So let me put it out there: April 23, 2099 please.

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