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So I go on these writing benders...

When I'm in the mood to blog, I tend to write multiple posts in one sitting. I have a list of topics I want to discuss eventually but in general I don't plan things out or know what I am going to write about until I start typing. I write it all out and immediately publish it, editing a bit as I go but not in any crucial or substantive way. I do not have drafts saved; I do not agonize over these posts the way I do about some other content I produce elsewhere. I am mindful of how potential readers may perceive my choice and placement of words; the length and quality of these posts. But in this space, I care more about fun than finesse. I don't want my blog to be a site of stress for me. This place is almost like a journal. I just stretch out on my bed and I put all my thoughts down until I'm reasonably satisfied with the post. Then I do another, and another, bingeing on word count.

Perhaps if I start to attract readers and the stakes are higher, I will multiply the blinks of the cursor and justify each word choice before I hit that publish button. But for now, I'm enjoying this; these evenings where I get the urge and churn out post after post. Writers should not be judged by their first drafts, but I'm ok with the present state of affairs.

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