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I can't believe we're nearly halfway through the year. I'm not a huge fan of summer (too hot, too sunny for my vampiric ways) but I concede that there are definitely things to love about the approaching season.

I am sharing a poem I recently discovered, originally posted on Tumblr by someone called adam that made its rounds elsewhere on the internet:

In an effort to make my website more accessible, I will be including image descriptions from now on. I've been meaning to do this for a while and haven't, and I apologize to any readers who missed out on some past content here:

Image description: poem written in red, all lowercase letters. Times New Roman font. The text of the poem is written out below:

i almost cry at the sweetness

of june. woken early by my own

heart unfurling in loving roots &

now i find myself firmly planted on

top of the hill. these flowers

like paintbrushes, dipped red

as the feeling of a sob, but only for

the magic of breathing.

this month is my only sweetheart. a list of all the warmest things:

desert peach, grapefruit juice,

light on the windowsill, the itch

of tall grass, the itch of loving,

the itch of summer up on its tiptoes

& peering over the fence,

a little love-struck.

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