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Friday Frustrations: Broken Links

Note: I wrote this yesterday but forgot to hit 'publish' so now it's Saturday in Seattle :-/ but I'm gonna go ahead and go live with this anyway, even though it's no longer a bona fide Friday.

I can't remember the last time I wrote a Friday Frustration, but I'm back with another gripe: today's #FF is about losing work when a website goes down or no longer exists. A lot of my writing is in print, but most of it is only online.

I learned a while ago to start backing up work (taking screenshots of webpages, converting online articles to PDFs and saving them to the cloud) but before I became more diligent about preserving things, I had already lost several published pieces to the ether. There are websites like Wayback Machine and others that promise to retrieve old, broken links, but those queries aren't always successful. It's painful to have written something yet hold no proof that it ever existed.

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