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Literary Halloween Costumes

I generally dress up for the holiday, but I've never worn a costume that was directly connected to a book or author—actually, on second thought, that's not entirely true: I have (I was Offred from Handmaid's Tale). But that was more due to the show having been adapted for Hulu that year than it was about the book. (For the record though I did read the book when I was 10 or 11 and it was memorable and a compelling read.) In addition to it being a timely pop culture pick, it was also a simple costume (red cloak; white bonnet). I regret that costume choice though because it was marked as a political statement when in fact it was actually a last minute "Hmmm what is super easy and contains items that can be ordered on ebay in the next week, since I have been so indecisive about my costume that I am running out of time?"

So anyway, I have never marked October 31st with an intentional homage to A Bookish Thing. But this year I was thinking about book-based costumes, specifically literary ones. I did a quick Google search as I was writing this post and saw some cool ones. I may update with images, though my favorites so far were worn by kids and I don't want to post anyone's children on the blog, even if sourced from an already public posting. :) But I may update with some cool adult book-nerdy Halloween fare.

As for this year, I have already decided my costume. Not literary per se, but she is based off of a comic book character (though I came to know her through the animated series).

So how about you? Ever dressed up as a character from a story, an author, or even as a book itself? And if you were to dress up as a literary figure, whom might you choose?

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